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Magnet care sector – Developing magnetism elderly care

Elderly care sector suffers from a shortage of health care workers in the public and private sectors nationwide. In the recent years, there have being a decline in the number of people applying for education and a large amount of skilled personnel have move to another profession. The changes in the work environment and the negative image in the media and public debates have influenced Elderly Care work attractiveness, making it less appealing.

The aim of the project is to develop the North Savo Elderly Care units to become a more attractive, ’magnet units’, by transforming the units’ work environment and management culture. The project makes visible the positive changes in the units and through a good communication plan aims to increase the attractiveness among the professional in the field, potential interested applicants and students. The objective of the development measures is to increase the retention of the skilled workforce as well as to attract new workers.

The project will identify actors in the field such as employees and applicants interested in developing their profession in the area of Elderly care, familiarize with the latest models of Elderly Care work, nationally and internationally, and implement need based good practices into the work units involved in the project. In addition, development work will be done to make the work units’ values and everyday successes visible, for instance, in the recruitment process.

The expected project results will be a method that evaluate and develop the attractiveness and staff retention capacity of the Elderly care units. The project results will make the North Savo regions elderly care units more attractive and staff will enjoy their work better than before. The results of the project will be announced nationally and in the North Savo region, and as an indirect result, the general image of elderly care workers will become more positive.